Purina Bella

(12 Pack) Purina Bella Natural Small Breed Pate Wet Dog Food, Porterhouse Steak Flavor in Savory Juices, 3.5 oz. Trays

Pamper your steak-loving small dog with the rich, savory flavor in Purina Bella Porterhouse Steak Flavor in Savory Juices adult wet dog food, and give her tastes she craves along with the nutrition her little body needs. Formulated with natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals to be 100% complete and balanced for small adult dogs, this meal lets you nourish and indulge your special girl. Enjoy watching her dig into the meaty pate with savory juices knowing she's dining on a nutrient-dense meal specially formulated for her higher metabolism. Because you're feeding her a Purina super-premium wet adult dog food that's made just for your small dog, each day is sure to start out a happy one. Help fulfill your precious little dog's dreams of big flavor with an enticing food for dogs that's delicious and nutritious each time you fill her bowl with our Bella pet food for small dogs.