Pure Garden

One Pair Adjustable Cushioned Knee Pads by Pure Garden (One Pair)

Maintain your home or garden's beauty with the Adjustable Knee Pads by Pure Garden. These knee pads are made from durable PVC and cushioned to protect you from hard flooring or garden terrain. The single adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit while you work. These are great for cultivating garden beds or doing light construction such as electrical work, laying tile or carpet flooring, or HVAC installation. They would also work for car mechanics.DURABLE- Made of sturdy PVC, these knee pads will stand up to all kinds of garden terrain and light construction work.MULTIPURPOSE- These knee pads would be ideal for a wide range of occupations, including: HVAC, carpentry, roofing, landscaping, and welding.ADJUSTABLE- The single strap is fully adjustable to provide a comfortable and secure fit while kneeling and walking.ERGONOMIC- Knee pads are an excellent way to prevent joint pain while working on your garden or home by providing a protective cushion for your joints.PRODUCT DETAILS- Materials: PVC. Dimensions: 5.5" W x 6" L x 1.5" Thick. Adjustable Strap Dimensions: 29.75" Color: Green. One Pair.