Progressive GT-3171 Single Step Apple Wedger & Corer (Apple Corer)

Progressive GT-3171 Single Step Apple Wedger & Corer (Apple Corer). Stainless steel blades slice and core apples in one easy step White Designed for a functional purpose, the Progressive International Apple Wedger and Corer is a useful addition to your kitchen. This corer has a stainless steel construction, which ensures years of reliable use. The handles have convenient grip to hold. The corer has an elegant white finish. This Wedger and Corer from Progressive International Apple have blades that are also made from stainless steel to core as well as slice fruits in minimal time. This handheld corer is easy to use. It cores and slices the apples in one easy step. This slicer has a manual operation and is lightweight. Dimensions: 6.5 inches wide x 1.7 inch high x 9.75 inches long Material: Plastic Color: Multi