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Hello! My name is Natalia. I had a dream: to open a candle factory. And not just plain candles, but carved candles. Even as a child, after watching an interview with the girl that organized such a plant, I was on fire with this idea. I just fell in love with carved candles! After ten years, I still firmly decided: I must give a chance for my dreams come true! I found the man who taught me how to make carved candles. It turned out that it was not easy, but very interesting! When I cut my first candle in my heart was beating with such frequency as if I ran a marathon. This process seemed magical. However, the reason seemed to be? Until now, I'm looking forward to the moment when I will sit next to cut a candle, which I have put my heart and soul. I am happy to let my dreams come true! The store I put up for sale my best, favorite candle. I would be glad if you'll like them! - Carved candles are created according to the 16th century technology. - The height of this carved candle for Christmas gifts is 6.7 inches (17 cm). - The weight is about 1.3 pounds (700grams). - Estimated burn time for a candle - 80 hours. - Carved candles are created according to the 16th century technology. - Each candle before being shipped to the owner is carefully packaged in a specially reinforced box. I guarantee that everyone will receive the order in its perfect condition. - This candle is a stunning unique carved candle, which is a piece of art even when it is not burning. And when it is, it floods the room with soft and colorful light coming from its numerous curves.