Prep Solutions by Progressive

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Plates, Set of 4

Enhance your kitchen with these Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Plates. They are childproof, making them an excellent option for them to use when warming things up. These microwave cookware plates have a cool-to-touch feature that allows you to reheat foods and conveniently transfer them to the table without burning your hands. Prep Solutions products such as these make kitchen tasks more convenient. They are shatterproof and safe to put in a dishwasher, making them easy to maintain. Enjoy this set of four microwave white plates that are simple in appearance. They are composed of high-heat polypropylene. Use them in your home, in a business setting or any location where break-proof plates are desirable. This set will make preparing food more enjoyable, and make doing so safer and easier for children, as well.