Portable Folding Emergency Entrenching Survival Shovel

Outdoor emergency shovel featuring a compact design ideal for hunting, camping, hiking, recovery situations, at the beach, and entrenching. Spade blade measures 6" x 8.25" and features (2) serrated edges for cutting, sawing, and chopping. Folds to various angles to be used as a pickaxe or a paddle. Leading edges can be filed to extend the shovel spade's usefulness for slicing, whittling, and carving. Folds compact to 1-1/2" x 9" for storage in the included carrying case. Attaches to gear packs easily with an integrated belt-loop for a military-ready survival. At only 3 lbs, the all-in-one survival shovel is a smart choice to reduce overall survival gear weight while retaining maximum utility of the gear set. Made with durable steel construction.