Pooch Creamery Pooch Cake Mix Dog Treat Size: 1 lb

The makers of Pooch Cake and Pooch Creamery have created the perfect kit for you! This Pooch Cake Peanut Butter & Cake Mold kit includes one Peanut Butter cake mix and red, bone shaped, silicone mold. Together these two products make it so easy and simple to give your dog a cake they will be begging for. Pooch Cake dog cake mixes result in a fluffy, moist and flavorful birthday cake your dog will surely enjoy. This kit will create the perfect birthday cake for your beloved pooch. Each Pooch Cake dog cake mix comes with its own frosting pack to make the decorating process fun and hassle-free. Each mix only requires one egg, oil and water. You can also choose whether you want to bake this cake in the oven or in the microwave. Key Benefits: Shelf Stable Powder Grain-free Item Number: 5303778 Brand: Pooch Cake Food Type: Cake Mix for Dogs Breed Size: All Life Stage: All Nutritional Option: Grain Free, All-Natural Ingredients Flavor: Peanut Butter Weight: 1 lb NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Ingredients: Ingredients for Cake Mix: Rice Flour, Cane Sugar, Peanut Flour, Baking Powder And SaltIngredients For Icing:Tapioca Starch And Dehydrated Yogurt (Nonfat Milk Solids, Lactic Acid And Cultures) Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 7.3 Crude Fat 3.48 Crude Fiber 1 Caloric Content: 496 kcalkg, 62 kcaltreat FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS Follow the feeding chart for recommended serving size and remember that this product is intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding only. Always consult your veterinarian with any health questions. Suggested Amounts to Feed Per Day:Dog Weight - Feeding Amount15 lbs. - 12 cupcake or 116 of cake25 lbs. - 1 cupcake or 18 of cake45 lbs. - 2 cupcakes or 14 of cake85 lbs. - 3 cupcakes or 38 of cake100+ lbs. - 4 cupcakes or 12 of cake Pooch Creamery Pooch Cake Mix Dog Treat Size: 1 lb