Polar Ignite GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Small, White/Silver)

Polar Ignite GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor (Small, White/Silver). The Ignite GPS Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor from Polar is designed to be your 24/7 training companion. During the day, the Ignite will give you personalized training goals and motivate you to keep active. When working out, it will track your progress in a variety of exercises. At night, the Ignite can tell you how well you recover and the quality of your sleep. If you enjoy exercising outside, the built-in GPS of the Ignite can track your route, speed, and more. With up to 30m of water-resistance, the Ignite can handle sweat, rain, and the pool. In fact, it automatically tracks swimming stats, such as strokes pace, and distance. The Ignite also combines daily activity and fitness tracking with health monitoring. A built-in wrist-based heart rate monitor keeps tabs on how your heart behaves during the day and helps to provide you with more accurate calorie burning data to help with dietary decisions. Sports Activity Tracking Running Program : With Smart Coaching, the Ignite helps you efficiently train for specific running goals Running Index : Gives an estimate of your running VO2max score Swimming : While swimming, the Ignite can automatically detect your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes, and rest time Sports Profiles : The Ignite supports over 100 different sports Activity Tracking : Get data on the basics of steps taken and calories burnedFocus, Health Recovery Smart Calories : More accurately track calories burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, HRmax (maximum heart rate), and how hard you train Continuous Heart Rate : View lowest and highest heart rate, and help with calorie and activity tracking accuracy Serene : Help relax and calm down with guided breathing exercises Nightly Recharge : Provides insight on how well you recover at night from an active day Sleep Plus Stages : Keep track of sleep stages and keep tabs on the quality of your sleep