Pitstop Furniture

Pitstop Furniture F08000S LXE Office Chair, Silver

The PitStop Furniture LXE office chair puts you in the driver's seat at work or at your home office. The chair blends sleek racecar-inspired styling with comfort. It is not only comfortable, it turns heads and makes a statement behind your desk as well. The LXE chair features three-way adjustable racing shock armrests with embossed tire treads. The chair also features an ergonomic lumbar support system and billet aluminum shift knob that allows the user to adjust four ergonomic settings. A suspension spring and brake caliper kit plus a durable 26-inch wide track aluminum alloy base bring race car style to your high performance PitStop chair. Five style racing wheels give you easy mobility. All PitStop Furniture has a lifetime warranty. PitStop Furniture is assembled in the U.S.A. from the highest quality materials available. You can feel the quality in every piece of furniture they make.