Lumbar Pillow, Gold, 22"x12"

Rest your head on our stylish and comfortable Lumbar Pillow. This well crafted decorative pillow measures 22 by 12 inches and will provide your bed or couch a glamorous new update that will instantly refresh your contemporary or traditional space. Faux leatherDown-like fillFabiana and Carolina Beligoy are Argentinian sisters with Italian, Spanish and Native South American roots. They traveled to Barcelona and Rome, the cities in which their ancestors originated, to study art and design. Constantly inspired by treasures, people, and food from other countries, they decided to translate their creativity into simple accessories that we use in our everyday lives. These items include cushions, wall-hangings, pet accessories, and other hand-woven and hand-crafted items. Fabiana and Carolina put a special emphasis on environmentally friendly, "green" products that are made with nontoxic, recycled and sustainable materials. They also love products that help the communities, and products that go the extra mile to support charitable causes.With their pillows for children, they wish to portray the message that adults work to leave a better world for them. So, part of their profits were donated to the UNICEF.We believe that every single person is a unique creation, just like our products. Everything is limited edition.Fabiana and Carolina are currently established in the city of Miami, a cosmopolitan and multicultural city."The easiest tip for an instant room make-over is throw pillows and cushions. You can literally change the entire feeling of a room"