Pier Beach Glass

Tea Cup Decor Sea Glass Wind Chime Seaglass Sun Catcher Beach Wedding Eco Friendly Art Lake Erie Ohio

40 piece tea cup wind chime seaglass sun catcher. The driftwood measures 23" W, it has 5 tea cup handles that have been ocean tumbled. Most of the beach glass collected along the shores of lake Erie except for the blue and peach which is man made. Included is a nice olive bottle bottom piece, sea foam full bottle neck, and beach pottery. Hang in a window, on a mirror, in your garden, on a tree, by the pool, by the hot tub, on a bare wall, from the ceiling, pretty much anywhere. Recommended for indoor use. These add beauty and uniqueness to a home. View this sun catcher on You Tube at https://youtu.be/m1xL8byv4t0