Three Best-Selling Bird Toys on Amazon That Will Keep Your Pet Entertained for Hours

Two colorful birds looking in opposite directions

Having a bird as a companion can be a truly rewarding experience. Whether they are hand tamed or not, their gentle chatter and amusing antics will keep you in good spirits and good company. But just as your pet entertains you, they need entertainment and stimulation themselves. We've rounded up the three most popular bird toys on Amazon your pet is guaranteed to love.

Amazon's Best-Selling Bird Toys

Super Bird Creations Wiggles and Wafers Toy for Birds

This mobile-like toy is made of vegetable-dyed wood blocks and food-safe plastic, which means it's completely safe for your bird to chew on. The soft wood allows your bird to satisfy their chewing urges, and the plastic beads will thrill your little pet with the clicking noises they make while he or she plays with them.

"This is Jack's favorite toy out of every toy," says one Amazon reviewer. "I recently just bought three more because he just loves it so much."

Super Bird "Creations Wiggles and Wafers" Toy, $4,

Caitec Paradise Popsicle Sticks Bird Toy

Another colorful choice, this affordable but effective popsicle stick toy will keep your bird entertained for hours. The carabiner fastening makes it easy to clip inside a cage, and your birds will enjoy chewing, climbing, tugging, and swinging on this engaging creation.

One Amazon buyer writes, "These sticks keep my birds busy and entertained which is really good for their emotional well-being. I like to replace their toys monthly and also buy a large variety to keep them busy....I would recommend buying a few of these because once your bird gets a hold of it, it will not last!"

Caitec "Paradise Popsicle Sticks" Bird Toy, $3,

Planet Pleasures Spiked Piñata Natural Bird Toy

Birds love shredding their toys, and this palm leaf toy will be great fodder for their beloved activity. The pink and purple colors woven into the natural tan are visually pleasing, and the top loop can be attached to the cage with a clip or zip tie.

"My two macaws love it. 'Razorbeak' is very destructive and it gives her something to do," writes one reviewer. "I buy toys at least every other week, but this one looks like it will last at least one more week if not two with all the layers. Selena and Blue give it a two talons up."

Planet Pleasures "Spiked Piñata" Natural Bird Toy, $5 (usually $10),

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