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ApPetizer Tast Enhancer 100% Natural Bonito Fish Food Topper

A sister product to our Kitty Kaviar, the Original Shaved Bonito Fish Treat, apPETizer is for those picky eaters! Sprinkle-on apPETizer healthy food enhancer as an ideal way to stimulate a pet?s appetite or to enhance any meal. Great for cats and dogs alike. It is made from 100% dried Bonito and ground into a shake on topper for our K9 and Feline friends. Contains no preservatives or by-products. Bonito is a schooling fish of the tuna family. ? 100% Natural ingredient ? Healthy and functional ? No preservatives ? Made from finely ground 100% natural bonito fish flakes, with a smell/taste that cats and dogs LOVE ? Perfect solution as a food topper for pets that have lost their appetite, dogs or cats who need a little extra encouragement to eat or simply to add protein to your dog or cats diet. Ingredients: Bonito Fish (Tuna)