Perlier Royal Elixir Serum and Youth Creator 2-piece Set for the Face

Perlier Royal Elixir Serum and Youth Creator 2-piece Set for the Face What It Is Hydrate your skin and give it an age-defying look with this skin care duo for the face. What You Get 1.6 fl. oz. Royal Elixir Face Serum 1 fl. oz. Royal Elixir Youth Creator What It Does Face Serum Absorbs onto the skin for the optimal skin anti-aging beauty results; aged skin looks younger Helps optimize skin's own natural collagen, helping combat the look of uneven skin tone and wrinkled skin Nourishes skin with moisture to hydrate it Helps with optimization of skin elasticity Contains three key ingredients: Royal Pro-Youth Peptide (reduced to microscopic size for optimal delivery to skin), royal jelly and organic Italian honey Youth Creator Contains fresh royal jelly, which is the precious secret of the queen bee, an innovative formula with moisturizing and firming properties Exclusive complex contains fresh royal jelly in 3 different forms, providing an exclusive triple action effect: - Immediate Action: Gives skin a natural glow and combats the signs of tiredness, giving the face a radiant aspect - Deep Action: Closed in special vegetal micro spheres, the ingredients reach deep down, directly to the epidermal cells to optimize skin's natural renewal functions - Long-lasting Action: An innovative and proprietary three dimensional micro patch 'retains' ingredients on the skin, diffusing them slowly according to the skin's needs with a prolonged effectiveness over time Perlier uses real encapsulated royal jelly (not freeze-dried), proven to provide an environment inducing the natural release of hyaluronic acid and an increase in skin hydration and collagen production Non-irritating and safe for use in the eye area Suitable for all skin types How to Use Face Serum Apply on clean face and neck alone or together with the usual beauty treatments each morning and night. Youth Creator This is the base of all Perlier Royal Elixir treatments. Apply a few drops on face and neck in the morning and evening, while continuing a daily routine. Can be used alone or as an extra serum to your daily or nightly regimen. Made in Italy read more