Pepperell Crafts

Magenta & Purple Rexlace Craft Lace

Magenta & Purple Rexlace Craft Lace is just what you need to make all of your classic camp, school, and party crafts! This spool of lace is non-toxic, made of plastic, and has an extruded form boasting a glossy finish. One half of the cord is pink and the other half is purple. Use this durable, latex-free lace to make cute key fobs, lanyards, creative jewelry such as friendship bracelets, and other accessories. You will not be disappointed with this fun, knotting cord! Dimension: Spool Length: 100 yards Lace Width: 2.3mm Lace Thickness: 0.88mm Note: 1 foot of lace = approximately 1 inch of stitches/knots.