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The South African Gluten-free Cookbook Jenny Kay Author

People with gluten intolerance or coeliac (celiac) disease often struggle to find suitable recipes. Gluten-free ingredients can be expensive, making it a challenge to prepare family meals that don’t break the budget. One of the keys to successful gluten-free cooking is knowing which flour will give the best result. The introduction lists the various types of gluten-free and gluten-containing flours and includes a gluten-free flour mix which forms the basis of many recipes in the book. The South African Gluten-free Cookbook offers 100 tried-and-tested recipes that are perfect for everyday family meals, as well as for entertaining. Baking and desserts receive special attention, but there are also recipes for great-tasting breads, quiches, noodles and pasta dishes that make use of a variety of gluten-free flours and flour substitutes. In keeping with current food trends, many of the recipes feature ingredients like cauliflower, quinoa, kale, polenta, salmon, blueberries and seeds, while traditional cooking holds its own with gluten-free waffles, pumpkin fritters, mince pies and Yorkshire pudding.