Pébéo Extra Fine Artist Acrylic Art Paint, Thioindigo Violet, 60ml

Announcing PEBEO’s newest innovation – a sleek, sophisticated professional acrylic with universal homogeneity that surpasses all others. Discriminating artists mandate a performance acrylic that offers consistency across the range – Artist Acrylic exceeds expectations. This extra fine acrylic issued from the latest developments in modern chemistry has been designed in close collaboration with artists from around the world to formulate an acrylic with a universal homogeneity that surpasses all others. The performance is constant and uniform across the board for all requirements. Formulation is consistent per color with no significant variation in viscosity, finishes or hue in wet color vs. dry color or from one color to another. A high balanced pigmentation concentration assures color homogeneity, perfect for mixing, and the intense colors offer strong covering strength with no odor. Made from a new generation of non-yellowing polymers composed of very fine particles, this range of 79 colors provides excellent resistance to ageing. The paste is versatile for easy application with both brushes and painting knives and the working time has been extended to offer artists more flexibility in their work, while keeping the benefits of fast drying acrylics. These flexible, very adherent and tactile paints with a uniform glossy satin finish have all the qualities needed to create a successful work of art. AP certified.