Five Pretty Garden Tools You Don't Have to Hide in the Shed

Filled with various different types of flowers and plenty of colorful produce, there's no denying that gardens are a thing of of beauty. Your garden tools shouldn't distract from that. These five must-have tools make even the most mundane outdoor task—like weeding!—more enjoyable. Best of all, they're so pretty they can double as decorations.

3-piece copper-plated iron garden tool set with wooden handles photo

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Three-Piece Garden Tool Set

Plant, weed, or transplant with this pretty three-piece garden tool set. Complete with a fork, transplanter, and weeder, this set is constructed of copper-plated iron and wooden handles for a look that pairs exceptionally well with any type of garden. The set's understated beauty also looks great hanging in your shed or garage when not in use; they even come with a hanging loop for easy storage. ($27;

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Floral garden knee pad with faux leather handle photo

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Floral Gardening Kneeler

Kneeling to pluck weeds or harvest ripe fruits and vegetables can be hard on your body—and just downright uncomfortable. Add cushioning to the ground to lessen that impact with this gorgeous garden kneeler. Its water-resistant material stands up to daily use, and its colorful vintage print looks like it was made for plant-lovers. The faux leather handle attached to the cushion makes it easy to tote this useful accessory around the garden as you work. ($40;

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Waxed cotton tote bags with leather handles and various pockets photo

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Durable Tote Bag

Carry everything from your tools to just-picked produce in this durable waxed cotton tote. Perfect for use in the garden, this bag has various pockets to store your essentials and a reinforced structure that will hold up to wear and tear. Plus, the leather handles make it easy to carry—whether you're gardening under the sun or strolling through the farmers market. ($138;

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Stainless steel watering can with brushed-bronze finish photo

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Brushed-Bronze Stainless Steel Watering Can

Add comfort and style to your watering routine with this stainless steel watering can. The can's long and narrow spout makes watering the soil around plants whose leaves prefer to stay dry a breeze. And its large, curved handle is comfortable to hold while pouring. When not in use, the sleek brushed-bronze finish on the can makes it a gorgeous decorative piece around the garden or on your porch. ($20, usually $25;

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Portable greenhouse holding an assortment of growing plants photo

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Portable Mini Greenhouse

Allow delicate plants to flourish in this portable mini greenhouse. The sleek green steel frame and clear sides of this structure allow the plants access to ample sunlight and protection from the elements while seamlessly blending into the aesthetic of the garden. Perfect for seeds just starting out or for plants that require warmer conditions, this greenhouse can be easily set up and moved for ultimate convenience. ($40, usually $60;

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