10 Gardening Essentials from Walmart Every Beginner Needs

If you're searching for a new hobby that involves spending more time outdoors, then gardening is for you. And there's no better time to start because Walmart has everything you'll need to plant your first seed and much more. To help you get started, we're sharing 10 basic tools and essentials you'll want to have before getting your hands dirty.

Green Martha Stewart garden gloves from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Garden Gloves

The first thing every gardener should own is a durable pair of gloves. Not only do they help keep your hands clean, but they also protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and possible cuts and scrapes. This pair by Martha Stewart is made from lightweight, breathable material that is naturally antibacterial, puncture and abrasion resistant, and features a non-slip grip. Plus, the long design fits high up on your wrist to keep out dirt and insects. (starting at $18; walmart.com)

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Teak wood garden stool from Walmart photo

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MoDRN Teak Wood Slat Garden Stool

Add this teak wood garden stool to your collection and you'll have a comfortable place to sit while you work, as well as a pretty plant stand to display your achievements. It's made from naturally weather-resistant material so you can leave it outside in your garden, but we recommend bringing it inside during the off-season so you can enjoy it year-round. Place it in your entryway with a pot of flowers on top, use it as a side table, or bring it to the living room when you have company for extra seating. ($103; walmart.com)

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Garden tool set from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Garden Tool Set

Skip the small hand tools and go straight for this heavy-duty set to make planting and maintaining your garden a lot easier. You'll receive three professional-grade stainless steel digging tools including a shovel, garden fork, and spade. Each features a lightweight design with hardwood handles that can withstand almost any project, whether you're digging a trench or transplanting bulbs. ($99; walmart.com)

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Cordless grass shear and hedge trimmer from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Cordless Grass Shear + Hedge Trimmer

This cordless two-in-one grass shear and hedge trimmer is a no-brainer for gardeners at any skill level. And it comes with a free two-year warranty, so you really can't go wrong! With a long-lasting rechargeable battery and interchangeable blades, you can easily switch from one task to the other. Use the shears to trim grassy areas your mower may have missed, then change blades to the hedge trimmer to clean up bushes, small trees, and more. ($54; walmart.com)

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Garden hose from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Garden Hose

A successful garden requires a reliable water supply, which is why you need this all-purpose hose by Martha Stewart. It's available in two sizes (50 or 100 feet) and is constructed of high-quality material that's kink resistant, lead-free, and BPA-free. Use it to water your garden in a snap or even to give your car a quick rinse. ($35 for 50-foot hose; walmart.com)

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Weed eater and leaf blower from Walmart photo

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Weed Eater + Handheld Blower

Instead of letting the remains of freshly cut grass or fallen leaves go to waste, use this high-performance leaf blower and weed eater to help your garden thrive. Its compact design is small but mighty and allows you to switch from one attachment to the other with ease. And with a 20-volt battery, it quickly powers on at the touch of a button, so you can get the job done faster and more efficiently. Get it while it's on sale for more than $40 off! ($37, usually $79; walmart.com)

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Watering wand from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Watering Wand

To ensure your plants get the most out of each watering, use this wand attachment that allows you to control the flow rate. With its 16-inch frame and foam non-slip handle, you'll be able to cover hard-to-reach places with ease. Plus, it has a built-in shut off valve for added convenience. Pair it with the Martha Stewart all-purpose hose mentioned above for the ultimate watering system. Note: The watering wand is also available in 24- and 30-inch sizes. ($20 for 16-inch wand; walmart.com)

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Electric garden tiller/cultivator from Walmart photo

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Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

You can use a shovel to prepare seedbeds, but when you have this tiller and cultivator you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner. Its 13.5-amp motor and six steel angled tines cultivate a patch up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently than with manual tools. When the job is done, simply fold in the handles so you can easily transport it and store it away in your garden shed. ($105, usually $160; walmart.com)

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Garden bag from Walmart photo

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Martha Stewart Garden Bag

Keep all your garden tools neat and organized thanks to this heavy-duty bag. It's made from durable canvas that's a breeze to clean and has a shoulder strap for easy transportation. You'll have multiple interior and exterior pockets to store hand-held tools, gloves, sunglasses, and much more. It even has stretch cord fasteners to make sure everything stays in place at all times. ($24; walmart.com)

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Shelving unit from Walmart photo

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Muscle Rack

Avoid a cluttered garage or storage shed by having this five-tier shelf on hand. It'll provide enough room to organize your tools, accessories, and small machinery without taking up much space. Store heavy bags of soil on the bottom shelf, and reserve the top for lightweight tools you don't use as often. ($84, usually $130; walmart.com)

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