Patch Magic

Square Diamond Twin Quilt, 65"W X 85"L, Super King

Flaming red cracking around homespun rustic diamond patches of green, blue and yellow plaid draw in to this quilt. The array of seizes colours of grabs your attention and warms your room. 100% cotton shell and hand layered organic cotton fill. Hand quilted and hand layered for a unique soft touch and warmth.Traditional country style design, real patchwork.100% pure cotton quilt that breathes. 1.Soft cotton fabric shell and fluffed hand layered organic cotton fill.2. Exceptionally soft, warm, comfortable and cool. 3. Real patchwork like old times. Piecing of parts. Not printed. Patches stitched together. 4. Hand quilted, not machine quilted. Original traditional quilting.5. Reverses to homespun fabric, yarn dyed fabric backing. Coordinating with the quilt.6. Bedroom decor from Patch Magic in patchwork.7. Enjoy the true American patchwork of yester years.Care Instruction:Machine washable.Washes well. Avoid bleach or strong chemicals. Use gentle hand wash cycle. Machine dry .Air fluff.