Parmir Water Systems

Towel Ring

*Please Reference Second Image For Dimensions The YS-50017 Towel Ring is part of Parmir's Bathroom Accessories and carefully constructed from solid 304 stainless steel. In an attempt to capture a luxurious balance of shapes and textures, Parmir's Bathroom Accessories draw their innovation from nature. Our bathroom accessories are uniquely designed for today's bathroom needs. Parmir solely incorporates the finest, high density, SS 304 stainless steel to construct its products with single cast technology. Our environmentally friendly products are 100% lead free, rust resistant, anti-oxidant & completely recyclable. Whether used in a commercial or residential application, our unique & high quality products stand out above the rest. Because our products are made with the highest standards containing zero brass, our sustainable designs are meant to last a lifetime and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Parmir has truly perfected an innovative, non-corrosive, sustainable product.