Paint It Pretty

Christmas Wine Glasses With Snowmen and Wine Charms (Set of 2)

This is a set of two hand painted Christmas wine glasses. I hand painted a jolly snowman on ice skates on each glass. I used acrylic enamel so these cute little guys have a realistic snow like texture. They're decked out in blue and white hats and scarves for the holiday season. Each snowman is holding a string of multi-colored Christmas lights. Bright red holly berries surround the snowmen. These happy snowman will add a festive touch to your holiday table. I like to add a little something to my glasses so I made wine glass charms with a silver Christmas bell in the center and attached them to the stems. These are included with the glasses at no additional charge. It gives them a finished look so they'd be perfect as a holiday gift. These glasses will become a cherished holiday favorite. When they're not in use they can be displayed to add to your holiday decor. * I photographed these glasses with a cloth in them to better see the painting.