Paderno World Cuisine

Paderno World Cuisine A5100014 Pour Over Kettle, One Size, Gray

Created for manual coffee-making, this specialty stainless steel kettle is one of the most important tools to have when crafting pour-over coffee or tea. The unique design boasts a long, curved gooseneck, strategically placed at the bottom of the pot, which allows for precision and control over water flow that is difficult to obtain with a standard tea kettle. The glass lid is equipped with an integrated thermometer that highlights the ideal brewing temperature for coffee (195 °F-205 °F), while the pot features a tri-ply base that is induction-ready, and a Bakelite handle that stays cool to the touch. Thermometer temperature range is 0 °F-220 °F/0 °C-105 °C. Handwashing recommended. Lid is not dishwasher-safe.