overstockArt 2L83C1869430X40H-FR-939530X40 Framed Oil Reproduction of an Original Painting by Lisa Carney

Avr0612 is a beautiful and colorful abstract painting by canadian artist Lisa Carney. Its color will light up every room and will make a great addition to every art collection. Lisas desire to create she says, "Is fed by our beautiful planet and its phenomena". Using acrylic and other mediums, Carney paints rows of textured colors in an abstract style, inspired by the sedimentary layers of the earth. Lisa Carney grew up on the Gaspe peninsula, Quebec Canada. For her, being an artist represents playing the many roles, skill and knowledge granted to her. She has chosen the name Asil to sign her art which is her first name spelled backwards and symbolizes her creative inner child. Frame Description: Veine D' Or Bronze Angled - Bronze and Dark Brown Finish