Handmade Barnwood Wine Rack (USA) (Copper)

Handmade Barnwood Wine Rack (USA) (Copper). Hand crafted from reclaimed barn wood. This one of a kind wine rack is completed with your choice of 3 copper or aluminum helix spirals. Made from 100% solid barn wood. This wall mounted wine rack is designed to hold 3 standard wine bottles (wine bottles not included). Measuring 27"L x 5"W This wine rack comes complete with hanging mechanisms allowing you to display your wine rack vertically. With weight capacity exceeding the weight of 3 full wine bottles, this solid wood wine rack will easily securely display your favorite wines. Each and every wine rack we create is completely handmade! We salvage the wood, spin the metal, and finish them off with a clear coat. We NEVER add stains or coloring to our lumber! So you can be sure the dimensional hue is the woods natural patina. Although every effort is made to photograph our wine racks accurately using natural light. We can not guarantee every electronic device will accurately display the color and detail of our racks. Handmade from Eco-friendly material. MADE IN THE USA! *Patented design*