Anti Burst Yoga Ball Loop Bands Foam Roller for Balance Exercise (L - Green)

Anti Burst Yoga Ball Loop Bands Foam Roller for Balance Exercise (L - Green). 8-In-1 Exercise Ball Loop Bands Foam Roller Kit: Included 1x anti-burst exercise ball (65cm), sustain up to 2200lbs, 4 levels loop bands, 1x high density foam roller, 1x portable bag, 1x easy-to use foot pump and several air stoppers. Convenient and portable, easily fit in your gym bag or backpack and take it anywhere! 1 Ball Meets all you needs: The 65cm exercise ball fits someone height for 5 4 -5 10 . It not only great for pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training and pregnancy gymnastics or the hundreds of low impact exercises, but also can be used as office ball chair to improve your posture relieve back pain. 4 Level Loop Bands are Great for Any Workout: The band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program including Yoga, Pilates, and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs. Give You The Best Relaxation: The ordinary foam roller can relax your muscle in 3 ways Thumb Zone, Finger Zone and Palm Zone. It is perfect for back muscle and thigh muscle relaxation. Perfect for Exercise and Therapy: It is great for fitness workout, warm up, cool down and recovery. It helps you ease soreness and stiffness, reduces recovery time, avoids injury, and improves range of motion through Deep Myofascial Release (applying pressure to specific points on the body). Description ODOLAND 8-in-1 exercise ball loop bands foam roller kit is designed for both athletes and all exercisers. This kit provides great immediate impact on performance and overall health. 3 Reasons for best choice Versatile usage you can use this premium exercise stability ball for weight training, core training, flexibility and stretching, desk chair childbirth and more! Relax your tight muscles, optimize range of motion, and empower you to jump higher, run faster, and lift heavier, quickly and effectively. Designed to withstand repeated use while maintaining shape. Notice Let the ball sit at room temperature for two hours. Insert the tip of your foot pump into the ball's air valve and work the pump. Inflate the ball to about 80% of diameter initially. Wait a further 24 hours before inflating to the recommended size. You should avoid using the ball within the first 24 hours. Pumping it up again to the recommended size. Insert the plug and the let the ball sit for another day. User tips - Store your ball indoors at room temperature. - Clean your ball with a soft cloth or sponge and mild soapy water if needed. - Keep away from sharp objects. Package Included: 1 x Exercise Ball 1 x Foam Roller 4 x Loop Bands 1 x Foot Pump 1 x Portable bag read more