50 Pcs Dinnerware Set Square Collection 25 Dinner Plates & 25 Salad Plates Heavy Duty Premium Plates Black

50 Pcs Dinnerware Set Square Collection 25 Dinner Plates & 25 Salad Plates Heavy Duty Premium Plates Black. Dinnerware Sets that Place an Elegant Touch to Outdoor Dining Wedding or camping trip, garden brunch or sunny picnic, Party Joy premium dinnerware set treats you to disposable convenience without any of the flimsiness. And you won't believe it's ! With its heavy weight design, eye-catching lace detailing, and ivory color, this plates set looks just like china. - Heavy duty doesn't bend or fold. - Premium look without any of the fragility. - Comes in a multiple set options - Can be easily hand washed for reuse. Serve it All Whether you're serving up cake at a wedding, bitings at brunch, or a full-on meal on that camping trip, these extra-sturdy plates have the strength to handle it all. No bending, folding or breaking like others do. Keep messy accidents at bay with a heavyweight dinner set that never fails to do the job. Introduce Some Elegance We believe disposable plates don't have to look cheap or flimsy. Inspired by the look of china, these heavy-duty plates catch anyone's eye with their pretty detailed edges and solid premium look that will have all your guests exclaiming I can't believe it's !' Great Daily Dinner Set These premium plates aren't just for soirees and shindigs; they make a great dinner set for everyday use too. The standout quality of the means they can be used again and again, and are especially great for serving kiddos. Just hand wash them and complement your everyday dinner set with a dose of durability. Enough to Go Around Our value packs are designed to give you enough cutlery to cater to all your guests without denting your wallet. Choose between our many pack options for modern dinnerware set and grace the occasion with a touch of unbridled elegance. About Party Joy We produce and sell disposable dinnerware that is both heavyweight and incredibly sophisticated. We believe you never have to compromise quality for convenience. That's why we use the highest quality to craft our dinner sets and design it to look just like real china, which exudes a premium feel and elegant vibe without the drawbacks of fragility. You really won't believe it's ! - EXTRA-STURDY DESIGN: While other dinnerware sets bend, fold, or break when used to serve weightier foods, Party Joy dinnerware plates are made using heavyweight premium that is strong enough to hold most foods and treats any occasion to a premium feel. Grace your next event with plates for parties with the convenience of being disposable but without the drag of being flimsy. - LOOKS LIKE REAL CHINA: You won't believe it's ! We've combined heavy duty with a premium finish, pretty lace design around the edges, and a lovely ivory hue to create a disposable dinnerware set that exudes effortless elegance. Only when you touch the plates do you realize that it is actually . - ALL ABOUT CONVENIENCE: Cater that outdoor party without having to deal with a sink full of dishes or the eyesore of paper plates. These elegant party plates are great for crowning a garden brunch, serving desserts at a wedding, picnics, camping trips, or kids' parties. read more