Orren Ellis

Gayatri 2 Piece Living Room Set Orren Ellis Upholstery: Granite

What makes this series so complete? At first glance, it displays a pleasant linear design with an external tubular stainless steel frame. The back and seat are tufted and buttoned to enhance the overall richness of the piece. But can these aspects be said to define the totality of a classic? The answer then must be something profound. A thought that serves as representative of that era, while matching the sentiments of present age. The manufacturer's suggestion is that this series conveys the potential of progress. From amidst the steel base and a comfortable seating experience is attained. From out of the exponential surge of technological growth, comes peace and solace. Perhaps this is why this is the sofa series of choice for so many Fortune 500 companies. Aside from its iconic feel, the set is symbolic of a time when technological innovation could do no wrong. When “faster” was seen only as something positive. This series is the preferred choice for reception areas, living rooms, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other lounge spaces. Orren Ellis Upholstery: Granite