Origins Flower Fusion™ Orange Radiance-Boosting Sheet Mask

Origins Flower Fusion™ Orange Radiance-Boosting Sheet Mask. This Orange Flower-infused sheet mask instantly boosts radiance to restore a healthy glow. Made of 100% percent Bamboo, this super soft mask is fortified with flower wax, which is a byproduct of essential oil distillation with excellent emollient properties that makes it great for moisturizing skin. Plus, the crisp, citrusy scent of Orange Flower invigorates the senses and lifts your spirits. Orange Flower: Found in China Orange Flower is the fragrant white blossom of the Orange tree, which originated in Asia, spread through Europe and became synonymous with Florida after Spain's arrival in the 16th century. Orange Flower has symbolized purity and innocence dating back to ancient China. The vibrant scent is used by aromatherapists to elevate mood and promote feelings of happiness and positivity. How To Use: Carefully unfold mask and apply to clean skin. Relax for 10 minutes, remove and discard. Massage remaining essence into skin.