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Handmade Eco Resin Sun and Moon Orgone Energy Device made with metals, crystals/gemstones, and eco friendly resin. The crystals/gemstones included in this item: QUARTZ - Energy Amplifier SHUNGITE - brings relief from stress, anxiety & insomnia, protects from harmful electromagnetic frequencies TOURMALINE - Grounding, Highly Protective, Shields & detoxes one from electromagnetic radiation ☆ What is Orgone Energy? ☆ Orgone energy, also known as chi or prana is "life force energy". Orgone devices have the ability to transmute surrounding negative (stagnant) energy into positive (balanced) energy. These devices can be carried with you or placed: ▪ near your bed for sleep support ▪ next to plants to support growth ▪ near your workspace to increase focus ▪ in your home for energetic protection 》Please keep in mind that the crystals/gemstones included in the orgone device play an important role in the type of energetic assistance each device offers. A brief description of the gemstones' properties is always provided in each listing description. ♡ The Process ♡ My handmade orgone devices are always made with eco friendly materials. They consist of plant based eco resin, metals that work as energy conductors such as Brass, Steel, & Copper, natural crystals/gemstones such as Quartz to amplify the energy of other gemstones, eco friendly/biodegradable glitter, natural mica to ensure less environmental pollution, and the occasional dried flowers/plants. As a Resin/Orgone Artist I like to take my time creating each piece at a time, making sure they are packed with as much metal and gemstones as possible while keeping the visual part in mind so that each device is powerful yet pleasing to the eye. 》DISCLAIMER: Orgone Devices are for decorative purpos