ORE International

ORE International 31.5 in. Ayana Starburst Crystal Silver Chrome Table Lamp

The 31 in. Ayana Starburst Crystal Chrome Silver table lamp combine beauty with function. This design features a Starburst crystal spread all over like a plate. A charming accent for your living space, Starburst crystal table lamp combine the best of two worlds. Up between the Bulb Socket and the Body Tube is a Starburst style form with gorgeous faceted leaves crystals. The starburst crystals appear on the table body as an accent piece, perfect for adorning the lamp as a conversation piece. Display with a Light Gray textured Black Stripe Down pattern made of Cotton/Linen Material. 100% Imported Starburst Crystals are assembled on the lamp. The solid column base is coated in a chrome silver finish, offering a transitional and modern elegance to the design.