OPI Nail Polish Top Coat/Base Coat - 2pk

OPI Nail Lacquer is considered one of the most durable and longest lasting nail polish brands available. Perfect for both acrylic and natural nails, OPI Nail Polish blends chic style with sophistication. Capturing the vivid color seen on today's runways, OPI Nail Lacquer is sure to compliment your style. Now available in the conveinence of a 2 pack with your favorite classic shade and top coat for a complete, finished look. OPI Nail Treatment Top Coat is the clear winner when choosing a flawless finish for your nails. You can apply to prepped, unpainted nails for classy, high gloss shine. You can also apply to a painted nail for longer lasting protection and shine unparalleled. This Top Coat makes nails stronger while giving an amazing shine. The Top Coat can be used on natural nails to give them gloss and protection, or on top of your favorite color to give a shiny and longer lasting color. Make your manicure or pedicure last longer by applying this Top Coat and have simply beautiful nails.