OnlinePlantCenter 10 in. Conversation Piece Azalea Shrub with Pink/White Flowers

A very unique rebooking Azalea cultivar that lives up to its name by sporting stunningly attractive, nearly 4 in. Dia rosy flowers of varying white and pink shades, all on the same plant, all at the same time. The blossoms emerge white, which unfurl to expose pink hued, wavy edged petals that can range from dark pink to bright white. Every year it blooms differently: sometimes mostly pink, sometimes an even distribution of white and pink and sometimes mostly white. Even individual flowers can be multi-colored. A most unusual evergreen shrub that has dark green foliage and can withstand short cold snaps and resist deer. Grows 2 ft. to 3 ft. T and 3 ft. to 5 ft. W. Looks great planted around patios, as a short hedge lining a driveway or around the home foundation.