Free-Standing Dispensing Toilet Paper Holder, Bronze

DISPENSE ONE ROLL AND HOLD 3 MORE FOR BACK-UP: Perfect for all toilet papers rolls, the top dispenses one and the base keeps two more handy in case you run outSTURDY STRUCTURE: Steel base helps to keep it from tipping. 4 elevated feet help to keep toilet paper clean and off the floor.KEEPS TOILET PAPER CLEAN AND DRY: Bathroom floors are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With the raised feet it helps keeps your stock of spare toilet paper rolls from touching the floor so each roll is dry and clean to useDESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: Made of bronze coated steel, this free-standing toilet paper organized stores three additional rolls in its reserve and keeps one at the top close at handMeasures 6.35" x 6.35" x 25.8"EASY TO CLEAN: Spot clean for easy maintenance