Olay ® Total Effects ® 7 in One Moisturizer Plus Gradual Sunless Tanner 1.7 fl. oz. Box

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer Plus Touch of Sun 1.7 fl oz: Daily all-in-one moisturizer with a proven vitamin-rich complexTouch of sunless tannerFights 7 signs of aging for younger-looking skin with a sun-kissed glowTotal Effects fights 7 signs of aging: Fine lines and wrinkles: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesDullness: gives skin a sun-kissed glowUneven tone: balances and helps even skin toneAge spots: reduces appearance of age spotsUneven texture: smooths and evens skin textureDryness: provides nourishing moisturizationPores: minimizes the appearance of poresOlay Total Effects daily moisturizer in a 1.7 fl oz sizeFor the following skin types: normal, oily, combination/oilyHelps with these face concerns: fine lines/wrinkles, loss of firmness/elasticity, dull skin, uneven skin color/tone, uneven texture, dry/flaky skin, sun damage