Ol' Roy

Ol' Roy Gourmet Food for Dogs, Porterhouse Steak Flavor, 3.5 oz

Ol' Roy Gourmet Food for Dogs provides the nourishment your dog needs with the taste they will love. At Ol' Roy, we know that a happy, healthy dog starts from within. Bright eyes, a shiny coat and boundless amounts of energy are all traits of a happy, healthy dog. Ol' Roy wants to help keep your dog at his best with this quality, gourmet dog food. Ol' Roy wet gourmet dog food is a daily food that provides your dog with the essential nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy. Each serving of this 100% complete and balanced nutrition dog food comes specially formulated, and it has the delicious taste of porterhouse steak to encourage a healthy appetite in your beloved furry friend. Treat your dog to the nutritious benefits and flavor of Ol' Roy Gourmet Food for Dogs.Sam Walton lived his life with a passion, whether it was building a successful business, relaxing at home with his family, or hunting with his favorite bird dog, Ol' Roy. Sam used to say, "I treat him like family." So when Sam Walton developed a dog food that would carry his dog's name, he wouldn't settle for offering anything but the best. Today, for millions of dog owner, the Ol' Roy name, and its complete line of products, represents premium quality nutrition, excellent pet care, and a great value-just like Mr. Walton would have wanted.