Occitan Imports

Dentelle Gris French Jacquard Tablecloth, 4 people, 63"x63"

This is an authentic, top quality, woven Jacquard French tablecloth, imported from Provence in southern France. In a Jacquard tablecloth the pattern is woven directly into the fabric. This tablecloth has a soft, luxurious "hand", and will drape elegantly over any table. It's made of pure cotton and is treated with a Teflon based product that makes it resistant to spills and stains but retains the warm, supple feel of pure, natural cotton.In French the word dentelle means lace, and that's what this tablecloth is about. With a delicate, lacy design pattern and a semi-monochromatic color palette featuring shades of gray with ivory and beige highlights, this tablecloth will complement virtually any style of tableware.