NW Photo Art

Limited Edition 16x20 Framed Canvas Photo-Art Entitled Starry Starry Night

This is a great item of Photo-Art showing how the Milky Way would look behind the Seattle skyline if not for all of the light pollution near Seattle. The image of the Milky Way was taken 50 miles SE of Seattle approximately along the same vector as was used to capture the Seattle night-time image. Highly detailed landscape and astrological images used in my Photo-Art are captured using very high resolution cameras with the lowest possible ISO . The image is professionally printed on canvas and mounted within a custom frame which I designed and build to showcase my art. The frame is all wood and is finished with multiple coats of luster black paint finished with a luster clear coat layer for beauty and durability. The back of the frame is sealed with 0.25 inch thick plywood. This item of art comes ready to hang with wall bumpers installed and with heavy duty multi-strand hanging wire. Canvas area is 16 by 20 inches. The canvas finish is highly durable and may be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. A maximum of 999 canvases will be printed for each of my items of original Photo-Art. Each canvas is signed and uniquely numbered. This lovely item of art is sure to draw comments and admiration wherever you hang it.