NUNTCHI- metal sculptures

Metal Climbing Man Wall Art Hanging Sculpture, Handmade Bronze Rock Climber

Handmade Artisan Rock Climber Metal 3D Wall Sculpture, Bronze Climbing Figure on a tree branch Sports Decorative Art. This unique sculpture of climbing man is one of a kind and made of steel wire mesh. The climbing man is completely hollow, therefore it is very light. There is no use of internal mold or construction. It is covered with material (Paverpol) that gives the sculpture is strength, closes some of the holes of the wire mesh so it is not easy to bend. This piece can be placed inside or out. It is nicer to hang two or more of the climbing men together. It is very easy to clean. Just put it under the water flow. Don't worry, it will not rust. Your piece will be shipped ready to hang. You just have to put it on a nail on the wall. The Length of the branch: 11" (28 cm)