Star Burst Cotton Ikat Wall Hanging

With cream, black and maroon, Ni Luh Suryati creates the illusion of star bursts. This motif is known as pepare in Bali. She works in the intricate double ikat technique to craft this lovely geringsing textile. The spectacular geringsing textiles of Bali are elaborated using the double ikat method. Ikat means "to knot" in Indonesian and Malay, and it is a time-consuming process known only to a handful of weavers around the world. Hand-spun cotton is initially dyed an eggshell-yellow hue using the oil of the kemiri nut, before the weaver determines which sections of the thread are to be dyed with what colors. She binds bunches of the fabric together with raffia, creating a tight knot resistant to the dyes in which the piece is to be placed. This process is carried out for each successive color, as the artisan uses natural extracts, such as indigo for the blue tones and root barks for the spectacular vermilion hue. A simple handloom is employed to execute the weave. The artisan presents the wall hanging on a carved mahogany display rod.Dimension - 60" L x 9.6" WWeight - 0.22Color - BrownUse mild detergent onlyAll natural dyesHand wash in cold waterBali And Java