Flowery Whale Alebrije Wood Sculpture Crafted by Hand

With flowers all around this whale is a flirt in the ocean world. Zeny and Reyna craft this endearing alebrije sculpture with techniques inherited from their parents. They carve a found piece of copal wood into the statuette and proceed to paint it with hand crafted artistry. Alebrijes are a fairly recent Mexican art form attributed to Pedro Linares. Unconscious due to illness in 1936 he was presumed near death and yet his dreams were extremely vivid. He tells of a place where all was peaceful and quiet until all of a sudden there appeared a lion with an eagle?Æs head a rooster with bull's horns and a donkey with butterfly wings. They kept screeching alebrije alebrije! and Ricardo began running away. He encountered a man who told him it was not yet his time to be there are and he should continue running towards the exit. In this dream Pedro climbed out of a window and regained consciousness. He made paper replicas of these creatures to show everyone and soon others began to craft other monster-like creatures in bright colors.