Ceramic decorative jar, 'Magnificent Bouquet' (Mexico)

Designed by Mexican artisan Pedro Tecayehuatl, this decorative jar will bring the beauty of Talavera ceramics to your home. The jar is crafted of ceramic, painted by hand with intricate, colorful floral motifs. Talavera is a distinctive art form brought to Mexico by artisans from Talavera de la Reina, Spain. The ceramic artisans of Puebla, Mexico then incorporated Chinese designs, thus creating the blue and oyster-white patterns traditionally associated with Talavera Poblana. Today there are also more "contemporary" designs that include yellow, green, orange, mauve, black and red. National and international conventions require that a rigorous procedure be followed in the elaboration of authentic Talavera-style ceramics. Each individual piece will be slightly different, and therefore a unique work of art.