Nova Bath Collection

Opaco Free Standing Ceramic Toilet Brush Bowl Cleaner Set, Muave

Opaco Free Standing Ceramic Standing Toilet Brush Bowl Holder Cleaner Set. An entirely new and contemporary series in the Nova Bath Collection product range. Opaco stands for a nostalgic, Eastern aura in an modern guise. A combination that will create a warm and sumptuous mood in your bathroom. Refined ceramic with durable, copper-coloured details fashioned into a subtle shape. The Opaco's finish features a striking combination of matt and gloss surfaces. - Available in five colors: Black/Polished Bronze, Beige/Polished Copper, Green/Polished Bronze, Muave/Polished Copper, Light Gray/Polished Stainless Steel . - Imported from Belgium- Color: Black, Polished Bronze, Beige, Polished Copper, Green, Polished Bronze, Muave, Polished Copper, Light Gray, Polished Stainless Steel - Material: Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Rubber- Type: Floor Standing- Shape: Round- Dimension: 4.1 W x 4.1 D x 15.4 H in.The OPACO toilet brush holder is perhaps the most subtle item in the Opaco series. It combines a smooth and matt finish with a chic design. When not in use, the brush is fully enclosed in the holder by its copper-look handle/cover.