Nova Bath Collection

London Luxurious Machine Washable Bath Mat, Green, Medium

London 1200 gsm Luxurious Machine Washable Bath Mat, Egyptian Combed Cotton. It is sometimes described as the best kind of cotton in the world and never before have you come across it in the Nova Bath Collection product range. With the arrival of our new "London" series of towels and bath mats made from Egyptian cotton, that is about to change. Egyptian cotton is deliciously soft, extra strong and is extremely hard-wearing. It is a type of cotton whose extra-long fibres (virtually the longest in the world) and the high levels of purity set it apart from the rest. - Available in 6 different Colors: Beige, Pink, Green, Dark Gray, Purple, White.- Available in 2 different Sizes: Small or Medium. - Imported from Belgium- Color: Beige, Pink, Green, Dark Gray, Purple, White- Material: Cotton- 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton- Type: Floor Standing - Shape: Rectangular- Small Dimension: 23.6 W x 23.6 D x 0.5 H in.- Medium Dimension: 23.6 W x 39.4 D x 0.5 H in.The London Bath Mats are classically and tightly woven according to the Jacquard method. They have a luxurious but durable appearance which means they go well in any interior, from classic to contemporary. When you feel Egyptian cotton under your feet, you get the impression you have stepped out of the bath or shower onto a cushion. The London Bath Mats have a towel-like quality and feature an anti-slip layer on the underside.