New Cat Condos

New Cat Condos Cat Scratch and Sleep Furniture (Blue)

New Cat Condos Cat Scratch and Sleep Furniture (Blue). Create a comfortable play and nap area for your beloved cat with this scratch and sleep furniture by New Cat Condos. Designed with clawing behavior in mind, this furniture gives your cat a rough surface to scratch and a soft surface to snuggle up against. Made from wood, sisal, and carpet, this cat furniture can be spot cleaned and vacuumed for stress-free care. Brand: New Cat Condos Model: 110025 Cat scratch and sleep Color: Beige Materials: Wood, sonic tubes, peeler cores, carpet, staples, nails, screws and sisal rope Size: 30 inches high x 20 inches wide x 20 inches long Weight: 32 pounds Stationary Safety: Heavy bottom gives the product stability and helps prevent tipping No toxic glues or materials are used in this product Product is not designed or meant for use by children Care: Vacuum and spot clean Note: Color shades may vary