Neoteric Luxury

Belize Double Chaise Lounge With Seat Cushion, Pure White, Natural

Please refer to secondary image for fiber color and pillow fabric color.Neoteric Luxury Award-Winning Collections contain unique properties that are environmentally friendly and International Weather Lab Tested in independent and world-renowned Weather Labs. Our fibers are insensitive to UV rays, temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions and virtually immune to fading. We use only high-density polyethylene fibers, high tensile strength, and flexible fibers.They are free of toxic residue associated with other plastics and the antimicrobial quality prohibits pest, fungus and mildew growth. Our fibers are 100% recyclable and are washable and maintenance free.Cleans easily with mild soap and water.The interior frame and exposed legs are crafted from powder-coated aluminum. Frames are powder-coated, double- walled, aluminum frames, which include kick plates and glides, as well as other protective devices.The double- walled, recycled aluminum frames, enhance the ability of the metal to resist corrosion and damage from the elements. Other protective devices, prevent the woven fibers from potentially unraveling in demanding contract environments.Our contract grade fibers are far stronger and more durable than the typical 6mm residential fibers.