Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural 4ft. Yucca Artificial Silk Trees, Green

Showcase texture with this artificial yucca Tree containing three trunks, each featuring foliage that naturally fans upward in bright hues. Stands 4’ tall from an accompanying nursery planter. Shop with confidence knowing our collections. . . "Looks so real, they're Nearly Natural! " Pioneers in our industry; Nearly Natural is the first artificial floral company to hire head Designers with years of experience in the live plant industry. We source products with a sound and in-depth knowledge of our industry. . . Nature. Overall product dimensions: 20 in. W x 20 in. D x 48 in. H; planter dimensions: H: 7 in. W: 8 in. D: 8 in. ; measurements are from the bottom of the planter to the furthest extended leaf or branches on the arrangement. Width Dimensions are also calculated from each furthest outstretched Dimension. No maintenance required; no watering. Looks full and fresh every day. Great for home or office spaces complements bohemian-inspired decor no upkeep required housed in a nursery planter recommended for indoor use or a covered, protected outdoor location