Nazmiyal Collection

Persian Red Area Rug Nazmiyal Collection

Showcasing the wonderful tribal Shabby Elegance rug style, this exquisite Persian Gabbeh rug combines bright colors with angular arrangements to create strong contrasting points and powerful defining elements. Several borders surround each other, all roughly the same thickness, though different in their presentation of zig-zagging lines and colors. The teeth stand against each other to create a series of tiny diamonds of alternating colors, with tones like white, black, red, blue and yellow all coming together to create a diverse palette that breathes whimsical life into the otherwise rigid structuring of the lines. The core of the vintage rug features 3 primary diamond shapes, with a blue at the top and bottom, guarding a yellow diamond between them at the center. The Persian rug’s diamond shapes stand out on top of a beautiful red field, the contrasting colors drawing the viewer’s attention to their artful arrangement. Nazmiyal Collection