Nazmiyal Collection

Greek Embroidery Antique Ivory/Tan Area Rug Nazmiyal Collection

This unique antique rug which is, in fact, a greek embroidery crafted in Epirus sometime during the seventeenth century is as wonderful an example of Balkan style embroidery as it is amazingly preserved considering its impressive age. A sinuous pattern of vines, carnations and botehs wends its way across the ivory ground of this delicate and exquisite ottoman period embroidery from the Epirote region of the western Balkans. The charm of this delightful piece resides not only in the gentle rhythms of the design but in the lovely palette of red and soft blues against patinated ivory-tan linen ground and also in the way that the border and field are comprised of the very same elements. This embroidery represents something truly special the lasting, enduring quality and beauty of Balkan embroidery and the wonders inherent in master craftsmanship. Nazmiyal Collection