Natures True Art

Paper Floral Monogram Letter made with Handmade Mulberry Paper Flowers

This beautiful floral monogram letter is ideal over the crib in the nursery or as the couple's initials at the head table at a wedding--so many uses ! Made from handmade mulberry paper flowers from the UK, this floral letter features an abundance of colors of your choice or a mix as pictured. Please not that every individual flower is placed thoughtfully and carefully by hand, a process that can take several hour. The mulberry flowers are unbelievably detailed and life-like making for a stunning display of blooms. Flowers include a variety of various roses, gardenias, tulips,daisies, rosebuds and more, accented by different size and color leaves and sprayed with a light coating of "shimmer mist"opal, to reflect the slightest sparkle. The letter base is made of paper mâché/cardboard and the letter sides are hand painted. So lightweight, it can be hung on a door or wall. Handmade in the U.S.A. Measures: 8"(length) x 6" (width) x 3" (depth) width of initial will vary according to each letter by approximately 6" width.